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Indo bangla trade

Posted by Ramesh Khati on October 30, 2009

GT Report: Roshan Rai

Shillong( 28 Oct 2009 (GT):Product identification and reaping benefits through trade potentials between Bangladesh and the northeast India was the primary focus of the day long interactive session between the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the India-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IBCCI), the Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce (FBCCI), central and state government officials here in Shillong yesterday.
Throughout the various sessions, every speaker was logical in pin pointing the negligence to restore the aborted trade practices between the North east and Bangladesh. While some attributed the matter to bureaucratic discrimination and communication gaps particularly between entrepreneurs of the two countries, however, none denied that new initiatives through consultations will give momentum to growth by extracting mutual trade benefits and eventually check trade imbalances while improving the economy of India’s north eastern region and Bangladesh. The Bangladeshi delegates after meeting the Meghalaya Chief Minister, D.D. Lapang said that their primary in India is focused to explore the Northeastern states potentials.
Further remarking on reopening of border haats along the Indo-Bangla border areas the President refused to comment saying that its too early to come to a decision as it involves security aspects and calls for political interventions into the issue.
Giving an observation on the rejection of coal imported from Assam and Meghalaya due to high containment of sulphur in it, the delegates informed that it is not a matter to worry as these coal will be used for power generation in Bangladesh through subsidiary processing.
The Indian sideto the deliberation was represented by the Frontier Chamber of Commerce, the Meghalaya Chamber of Commerce, state Deputy Chief Minister Bindo Lanong in-charge Border Trade and top officials all reciprocated the Bangladesh gesture saying that India trade amidst all the odds with far off countries in Europe and South East Asia, but forget our contiguous neighbouring country wich offers immense trading opportunity.


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