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Militant attacks on healthcare units force people to protest

Posted by Ramesh Khati on October 30, 2009

Imphal, Oct. 29 (ANI): Militants targeting the members of health industry in Manipur is steadily becoming a serious problem. The recurrent attacks on medical institutions are demoralizing the medical faculty who find it hard to carry out their duties.

Employees of the State Medical Directorate recently condemned the recently bomb attack at the residence of the Director of State Health services Dr. W. Motilal of Wangei Chakpram Leirak.

About a hundred employees of the State Medical Directorate, following the incident, staged a sit-in protest inside the directorate complex at Lamphel RIMS road against the frequent bomb attacks in the state.

“It was something uncalled for. I feel it will disturb the tranquility of mind, body and the peaceful situation of people in the state,” said Dr. W. Motilal Singh, Director of the State Health Services.

“We aren’t able to carry out our duties properly. Threats are always there. If such things take place because of money, then why should we require money? Money is for the development of the people. Why they should specifically attacked, in the name of getting money?,” said Dr. H. Bhubonchandra Singh, one of the medical staff.

Medical institutions in the State have been hit hard due to extortion threats and attacks on the medical staff by militants. The worst sufferers in such situations are the common people.

“Medical and education departments are present throughout the state. As members of the medical staff, we are appealing to them to let us work peacefully. We are here to provide services to patients,” said Ebempishak, a local resident in Imphal

It can be recalled only recently, about 70 pharmacies, situated in and around Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital, Porompat in Imphal were closed following monetary demands made by militants.

Following such disturbances, the people of the State are suffering from lack of medical supplies.


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