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Gurung meets Gen Madan

Posted by Ramesh Khati on November 3, 2009

SILIGURI, 2 NOV(The Statesman): The GJMM president, Mr Bimal Gurung  called on the Centre appointed interlocutor Lt Gen (Retd) Mr Vijay Madan in Darjeeling today amidst questions by some anti-Gorkhaland pressure groups over the citizenship-identity of the interlocutor.
Mr Madan arrived in Darjeeling on Saturday presumably to mediate on the dragging statehood controversy and would leave the Hills tomorrow. Talking to reporters in Darjeeling after today’s meeting Mr Madan and the GJMM chief, Mr Bimal Gurung said separately that it was a courtesy meeting.
Expressing satisfaction over Mr Madan’s appointment as the interlocutor, the GJMM media secretary, Dr Harka Bahadur Chettri said that they were yet to have a detailed discussion with him. “The meeting between our leader and Mr Madan was a courtesy call today,” he added.
The party general secretary, Mr Roshan Giri accompanied by central committee members, Mr Amar Lama and Mrs Asha Gurung called on Mr Madan yesterday.
Meanwhile, a number of anti-Gorkhaland pressure groups slammed the Centre for having appointed a former Gorkha Regiment official as the interlocutor. “His identity as an Indian citizen is doubtful. Perplexingly enough, the Centre has entrusted such a person with the responsibility of mediating on an emotive issue involving far- reaching political and strategic ramifications. More perplexing is the state government’s role. Seemingly bereft of drive, it is molly coddling with the Centre,” said the spokespersons of the Bangla O Bangla Bhasa Bachao Committee and Jana Chetana.
” The national identity of the interlocutor being under cloud we would not accept him as a representative of the Centre. Besides, there would be no legitimacy in the dialogue if he does not take the non-political representatives of the plains into confidence. The GJMM cannot claim monopoly as the issue is larger than a mere self-determination bluster of a particular ethnic community,’ said the BOBBBC president, Dr Mukunda Majumder.
A Jana Chetana spokesperson, Mr Mridul Chakravarty said that his organization would file a case challenging the basic premise of the Gorkhaland agitation at the Calcutta High Court soon. “Mr Madan being an ex -Gorkha Regiment official is a Nepalese citizen as per the 1947 tripartite agreement involving the Indian government, the British government and the government of Nepal. The Centre has broken a nasty joke with the self-pride of West Bengal having sent such a person as an official emissary to mediate on the state division demand,” he added.


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