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Bharatiya Gorkhali United Forum (BGUF) holds – “Deusi – Bhailo Samapan Karyakram”

Posted by Ramesh Khati on November 9, 2009

GT Report Kamal Pradhan

Bharatiya Gorkhali United Forum organizes “Deusi-Bhailo Samapan Karyakram”, an effort to show courtesy towards the individuals who had taken active participation during ‘Deusi Bhailo programme’, a series of events which lasted for three days. While Tihar, the festival of lights is celebrated with much fun fare and gaiety, Deusi – Bhailo songs definitely brings joy and an added zing both for the performers and the host, is a part of cultural practice followed by Gorkhas.on Tihar.

The performers were felicitated by Mr. Ruben Gurung – Adviser of BGUF, who wholeheartedly thanked all those participating on the said event. The participants

Of the performing group were T.l Shrestha- president (BGUF Bijay Pradhan – G. secretary (BGUF), Andrew Gurung – Adviser (BGUF) ,  Srijala Gurung –  President, Lajpat nagar unit of BGUF, Sarita Gurung – Chief of womens’ cell central Comitee, BGUF including members of BGUF –  Gauri Pradhan , Sameer Joshi, Sewan Tamang, Sewan Giri , Basant Khati , Prerna Gurung, and Monica Sewa .


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