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Not Necessary: UNMIN in Nepal

Posted by Ramesh Khati on November 9, 2009

By Dirgha Raj Prasai

Dirgha Raj Prasai

Dirgha Raj Prasai

Dirgha Raj Prasai is a former member of parliament in Nepal, former consultant of the administrative staff college of Nepal. He has written many books and articles, and is now a political analyst based in Kathmandu contributing to different newspapers and sites.

From the very beginning, Nepal is respectfully following the objectives of UN. May be the UN, as an organization, is working for peace in Nepal. But, at present, Nepalese people are confused by the suspicious activities of UNMIN (UN representatives). As we all know that, the main objective of UNMIN is to establish peace in Nepal, but in the contrary what we have here is “The Team of Representatives-UNMIN” who has been found exercising against the peace process in Nepal. We are totally puzzled, whether UNMIN is here to establish peace or confuse people. We really don’t understand, “What is the interest of UNMIN in Nepal?” Why UNMIN is instigating civil war in Nepal?

Nepalese people had expected that the UN’s role would be impartial. But the UN could not remain neutral.  The UNMIN listens only to the Maoist rebels and the corrupt leaders of the so-called big party totally disregarded the aspiration of majority of the Nepalese people. From the very beginning, UNMIN has been demoralizing Nepal Army and supporting Maoist and its rebel by allowing them to keep the weapons with them in the cantonment and let them start the youth force (YCL), who can be the law and order itself as they used to do during their revolution.

As we know, Nepal is positioned between two big nations, ‘China and India’. Although, Nepal is close to India in terms of culture and geography, Nepal has always been victimized by some Indian leaders. We Nepalese people request Indian leaders not to interfere and victimize Nepal, as they were found involved in abolishing Monarchy.

Maoist leader Prachanda recently said “If there is another revolt at least one million people may lose their precious lives. We need to be very careful at this juncture, to stop the casualties. When the people revolt they obliterate everything.  If the mandate of the CA election is further ridiculed we will declare war.”  So, we are confused what the Maoists want? ‘A dog’s tail in a barrel always crooked’.

Recently, the Maoist leader Mr. Bhattarai has said- ‘After the abolition of the monarchy, would try to resist, and our main contradiction then would be with the bourgeois democratic parties. After April 2009 [when Prachanda resigned from government], that phase of the Constituent Assembly and implementation of the bourgeois democratic republic was more or less complete. We had formulated the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), we had our base areas, we had a lot of mass support, and all this we have been able to preserve. The PLA is still with us, and the arms we collected during that war are still with us within the single-key system, monitored by the United Nations team, but basically the key is with us and the army is with us and we have never surrendered. We are still continuing in the path of revolution.’ What is that? Is this peace assignment of UNMIN in Nepal?

The UN Chief, Secretary-general of UN Hon. Ban Ki-moon’s 22-hour visit (last Oct.2008), Nepal couldn’t find any way to open the door. The visit of UN Chief was rather centralized to the Birth Place of Buddha as a pilgrim. We were confused about his visit to Nepal. We couldn’t find any creative answer from UN Chief. UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon also misguided from UNMIN and Ban Ki- Moon has urged for a national government participated by the Maoist. And he asked the government for not recruiting new personnel in the Nepal army and also not providing lethal arms to the Nepal army, a national security force. Nowhere in the world, would a country be able to protect its sovereignty by making the national army weak and powerless? The national army can’t compare with Maoist’s army. Now, in Nepal, we have two kinds of army- the national army and the Maoist’s army. Can we imagine two kinds of army in a country? Why UNMIN is not responsible for the overall management and supervision of Maoist army and their movement? It is the matter of grief for all. The intention of UN and its Org. UNMIN is to destroy all the identities of Hindus & Buddhists with the help of Maoist’s army. So, we are feeling, the Virus of UNMIN is more dangerous than Swine flu.

As Nepal is a sovereign country, Nepalese army is free to do anything for the country. Let all Nepalese (all over the world), Unite and Protest against the action of UNMIN in order to protect the sovereignty, democracy and identity of Nepal. Nepalese people don’t tolerate foreign intervention to our domestic affairs. So, there is no necessary UNMIN and its suggestions in Nepal.

(The views and opinion expressed in this article are that of the author and not of Gorkhatimes, the author can be contacted at email:dirgharajprasai@gmail.com We request individuals with interest in Gorkha Issuses to submit their views to the following e-mail address: gorkhatimes@gmail.com pictures of contributors or images that relate to submissions will be appreciated more)


One Response to “Not Necessary: UNMIN in Nepal”

  1. Rupesh Shrestha said

    Dear Mr. Ramesh,
    Gorkha Times.
    The article about UNMIN in Nepal br Mr. Prasai is very praiseworthy. I think, thia article will be didactic for all. Why UNMIN is going to destrub in Nepal ? UNMIN’s interest is to destroy China taking the slogan of Free Tibet. UNMIN want to establish Christian state in Nepal, showing the Maoist army. So we must hate the UNMIN Groups in Nepal.
    Thank you.
    Rupesh Shrestha.

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