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Kanu Sanyal fears ethnic tension after ‘GJMM’ win

Posted by Ramesh Khati on November 13, 2009

SILIGURI, 12 NOV(The Statesman): The Marxist-Leninist organisations in Siliguri have expressed concern over a possible escalation of tension in the Dooars following the bypoll victory of the GJMM-backed candidate in Kalchini.
According to veteran Naxalite leader, Mr Kanu Sanyal, the situation is explosive and ethnic tension might escalate any time. “The Left Front government has lost credibility as the result in the just concluded by-elections in the state indicates. The resurgence of the Opposition under the leadership of Miss Mamata Banerjee is likely to dislodge the Marxist-led Left government in the 2011 Assembly elections. I, for one, would be sad if such a development takes place. But the change seems inexorable given the anti-establishment buoyancy amongst the people,” Mr Sanyal said.
Dwelling on the Kalchini development, the Naxalite legend said that the possibility of fresh flare-up in ethnic tension in the restless Dooars could not be ruled out in the wake of the GJMM victory in the bypoll.
Speaking of the situation in the Dooars, the CPI-ML (Liberation) Darjeeling district president, Mr Abhijit Majumdar said the Left Front’s strategy of letting off the Adivasis against the Gorkhaland protagonists seem to have boomeranged against the perpetrators of the divisive stratagem. “Now the situation appears spinning out of control for the state government. Running after short-term gains on the part of the Marxist-led government has landed the sensitive region in a quagmire of grim uncertainty,” he said.
Attributing the GJMM victory to ethnic consolidation of the Nepalese and other tribes like the Mech, Rava and Bodo, Mr Majumdar said that the Adivasi votes got split principally between the Akhil Bharatiya Adivasi Vikash Parishad and the RSP.


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