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Mizoram Burning Within

Posted by Ramesh Khati on November 16, 2009



Home Minister accompanied by DGP Police and top officials addressing the media on sunday, 15th November 2009 at DIPR, Aizawl. GT Pic:Ramesh Khati

Aizawl 15th Nov 2009(GT):Home Minister, Mizoram called up an emergency press conference today to address the media in regard to  the recent ethnic violence in North-West Mizoram.

According to a press note released by Home Ministry, violence started  when a Mizo youngster Zarzokima (18 yrs) of  Bungthuam, situated in the North-Western part of Mizoram was found shot dead around 10 am on 13th November, 2009, 1 km away from his village while he was collecting fodder for pig by some miscreants. The so-called Bru (a tribe of North-Western Mizoram) Revolutionary Union had left a note in a polythene bag near the victim where they owned the responsibility of the crime and also declared that they  would not return to Mizoram unless and until there is a proper agreement on their repatriation from the refugee camps of Tripura.


Home Minister addressing media persons GT Pic: Ramesh Khati

They had fled from Mizoram few years back out of fear of retaliation from the Mizo community and since had been living in the camps of Tripura when a Mizo forest guard was killed by a Bru outfit.

After the incidence of the 13th November 2009, as many as 270 houses in Bru dominated areas were torched including 43 Mizo houses till date. The Govt. of Mizoram have rushed 12 platoons of the 3rd IR Bn and 61 armed personnels of the 4th IR Bn. The armed police personnels are providing shelter and security to the displaced Brus.

Here’s the total summary of Villages ,houses burned and number of Platoons despatched:

Name Of Villages and Houses Burnt:

  1. BAJIRUNGPA VENG -20 Houses Date: 13.11.2009
  2. BUKNANNEI -12 Houses Date: 14.11.2009
  3. DAMDIAI – 7 Houses  Date: 14.11.2009
  4. DAMPARENGPUI – 3 Houses   Date: 14.11.2009
  5. NEW EDEN -91 Houses  Date: 14.11.2009
  6. KOLALIAN -65 Houses Date: 14.11.2009
  7. W.BUNGHMUN -20 Houses Date: 14.11.2009
  8. TUMPANGLUI -32 Houses Date: 14.11.2009

TOTAL= 270+(43)

Name Of Villages and forces sent:

  1. BUNGTHUAM – 2 Platoon
  2. DAMDIAI -1 Platoon
  3. TUIDAM -1 Platoon
  5. BAWNGVA – 1 Platoon
  6. TUMPANGLUI – 1 Platoon
  7. KOLALIAN – 1 Platoon
  8. TUIRUM – 1 Platoon
  9. DAPCHHUAH – 1 Platoon
  10. SALEM BOARDING – 1 Platoon

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