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Non-GJMM front likely after 21 Dec tripartite talks

Posted by Ramesh Khati on November 18, 2009

SILIGURI, 17 NOV(The Statesman): A non-GJMM political front is likely to emerge in the Darjeeling hills after the proposed 21 December tripartite talks, in Darjeeling. There are, however, differences among the possible front constituents about the inclusion of the GNLF in it. While the Communist Party Revolutionary Marxist leader, Mr R B Rai, favoured a broad-based political configuration involving the non-GJMM political forces including the GNLF, the All India Gorkha League leader, Mr Madan Tamang is against the incorporation of the GNLF.
These statements have assumed political significance in view of the GJMM threat to go all out if the 21 December parleys fail to yield result. The GJMM chief Mr Bimal Gurung has already made it clear that the GJMM would declare Gorkhaland on its own, and snap political and economic ties with West Bengal, if the talks fail.
According to Mr Rai, the whole concept is still mired in speculative murkiness. “We are not thinking of it right now. Let the three-way dialogue be over first. Then, depending on the developing situation, a broad-based political configuration might come into existence. All the non-GJMM parties might be involved in it,” he said. He, however, denied rumours of a meeting with the GNLF leader, Mr Subash Ghisingh, on the issue. “These reports are baseless,” he claimed.
Speaking on the possibility of a non-GJMM political front, the AIGL president, Mr Madan Tamang said that his party would not be involved in any front if it had the GNLF as its partner. “We might welcome a front sans the GNLF. Both the GJMM and the GNLF, as fascist forces, are two sides of the same coin. A non-GJMM and non GNLF political front is, however, possible,” Mr Tamang said.
However, welcoming such a suggestion, a Panighatta-based, GNLF leader, Mr Rajen Mukhia said that there were no permanent friends or foes in politics. “I, for one, am not in a position to tell anything definitively on this serious matter. Our leader, Mr Subash Ghising, would decide things at the right time. But I can say that politics, being regarded as an art of the possible, nothing is beyond the pale,” Mr Mukhia added.


One Response to “Non-GJMM front likely after 21 Dec tripartite talks”

  1. Gorkhs Daju said

    Unfortunately, a NON-GJMM Front, comes “too late” …. and the participants therein are all those who have tried earlier and somehow failed to get the “Indian Union State of Gorkhaland”. ….. so this NON-GJMM Front unfortunately will be viewed as a NON-GORKHALAND FRONT …. “sad but true” ….. to overcome this “dilemma” would take fantastic “ingenuity”.

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