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Mokokchung Press Club’s Press Note

Posted by Ramesh Khati on November 18, 2009

Press Note

The Mokokchung Press Club is very disheartened by the incident that occurred on 17th of November, 2009 at Imkongmeren Sports Complex, Mokokchung during the ongoing Assam Rifles Recruitment Rally, wherein an esteemed member of the press was verbally abused by a military personnel one Major Sandhu.

The derogatory language he used against the reporter, who was in the scene on invitation of the concerned authority, was so unbecoming of any responsible officer. The abusive language he used before confiscating the reporter’s car key and shooing him away was racist in nature and disparaging in intent. Major Sandhu’s bigoted remarks, which do not befit mention in this communiqué, are in downright contradiction with the Assam Rifle’s slogan ‘Friends of the hills people’.

The MPC demands the Major Sandhu to personally apologize to the reporter in concern and it is also expected of the concerned authority to look into the matter so that such unwanted incidents do not occur in the future.


President: Limalenden Lkr

Secretary: Sashimeren

Responding to the invitation of the District Administration (SDO C) Mokokchung, the Mokokchung Correspondent of Nagaland Post went to the Imkongmeren Sports Complex to cover the Assam Rifle Recruitment Rally that was underway. Upon reaching the ground, the correspondent met the driver of SDO (C) who replied that he was waiting for my arrival. The driver then took the reporter to the sentry who was at the gate. The driver identified to the sentry that the media person has come as per the request of the officers. But the sentry refused entry to this reporter and instead informed that his officers will be contacted first. Waiting at the gates for quite some time, the reporter decided to leave and returned to his vehicle. But before reaching the vehicle, one major SANDHU came up from behind and started shouting at the reporter using derogatory and racist language and told the reporter to get out. Even the sentry and other jawans of the AR ordered the reporter to immediately leave the venue. Subsequently, the reporter walked backed to the car and drove towards the exit. While exiting, the reporter saw the officer making disparaging gestures at him with both fists, to which he gestured back. At that moment, the officer ordered his jawans to stop the reporter’s car. Immediately the reporter stopped the car and the officer came rushing to the vehicle shouting, again using foul languages. The officer even went to the extend of snatching the car key of the reporter’s vehicle. At that moment, the 2IC of Assam Rifle and the SDO (C) came to the spot and tried to pacify the reporter and persuaded him to come back. But the correspondent demanded to the 2IC that the Major comes to the reporter personally and apologize. Also the reporter replied to the 2IC that the incident will be regarded as an insult to the Naga people. After saying those words, the reporter left the venue.

Submitted By: Rupak Chetri


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