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How to prepare Gundruk?

Posted by Ramesh Khati on April 10, 2009


A woman preparing Gundruk

Gundruk is cured and sun-dried green leafy vegetable (Saag).
Ingredients Any Leafy Green Vegetable (Saag)E.g.: Spinach

Preparation: Day 1:

1 ) Wash your choice of leafy green vegetable.
2 ) Drain excess water.
3 ) Crush into shreds.
4  )Crush the leaves into an airtight container
5 ) Let it stand for 1 day.

Day 2:

6 ) Next day, press leaves more.
7 ) Close the lids air tight and let it stand for 10 days

Day 11:

8 ) By now, it will be give acidic and cured smell.
9 ) Drain excess water without washing.
10 ) Wrap the cured leaves in a piece of cloth and sun-dry them.


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