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Jai Gorkha

Please feel free to contact me .I am looking for friends who can share their valuable knowledge in this blog in the form of articles, plays, poems, essays or whatever contribution you think  might help us to understand our culture more and more.Thank you all for visiting this blog.

You can reach out to me at email: gorkhatimes@gmail.com or ramesh.khati@gorkhatimes.com


34 Responses to “Contact me”

  1. rupak said

    Hello ramesh , i will help you out in your efforts , but can you sent me your email address where i can sent you in mail.

    Thanking You
    Rupak Chetri

    • Hello Rupakji thank you for contacting me. I have written my email address at the top please note it down and if you want to send me articles you can send at the above mentioned email address.


    Short descripation About Our beautiful and beloved Sikkim,
    Situated in the Eastern Himalayas, this beautiful state of Sikkim is sandwiched between the kingdom of Nepal in the West and Bhutan in the East, Tibet in the North and the state of West Bengal in the South. With an area of 7,300 sq. kms, measuring 115 kms from north to south and 65 kms. From East to West, the elevation ranging from 244 mts to over 8550 mts., above sea level, approximately latitude of 27 degree North and longitude of 88 degree East.This small state belies its richness of culture, customs, heritage, flora and fauna. Sikkim, once a protectorate of India with a monarchy government but metamorphosed as the 22nd state of the Indian Union in the year 1975. The population of the state is only 4,20,000 as per the last census. Amidst the grandeur of the mountain peaks, lush green valleys cascading waterfalls and fast flowing rivers, beautiful monasteries and terraced hills, Sikkim offers her visitor a rare and exotic experience.ClimateOctober to mid-December is autumn and this is one of the finest seasons in Sikkim. The rains have washed the atmosphere clear and there are views of the mountains almost every day. The days are clear and sunny and the nights crisp and cold.The average summer and winter temperatures in Gangtok are given below:Summer: Max. 250C Min. 120 CWinter: Max. 15 0C Min. 50Traveling by AirYou can fly directly to Bagdogra Airport in North Bengal from Delhi, Kolkotta and Guwahati. All flights feature business class and amenities of international standards. Airfares fluctuate with the changes in exchange rates. Departure flight tickets should be reconfirmed one day in advance to avoid inconveniences by possible flight cancellation or changes in the flight schedule. Overweight luggage charges are levied. Sikkim Tourism operates daily five seater helicopter service between Gangtok & Bagdogra connecting all Civil Filghts.Traveling by RoadAll visitors entering Sikkim by land use this entry points other than (1) Kakarbhitta (2) Phunstholling (3) Siliguri / New Jalpaiguri Railway Station, Bagdogra Airport (4) Darjeeling (5) Kalimpong.Traveling by TrainAll visitors entering Sikkim by train the two closet railway stations are Siliguri & New Jalpaiguri connecting Kolkotta, Guwahati, Lucknow and other important cities in India.


    • Dear Bhanu Raj Thapa Ji thanks for your lovely info about sikkim. If you want to write this beautiful info in detail then send the article in my email id gorkhatimes@gmail.com I’ll be more than happy to publish it in article section with pics and if you can send your picture too with the article it will be icing on the cake.
      Thanking you once again and please keep up your good work.









  5. Kamal Pradhan said

    Good to see a north eastern gorkha as i too belong from ne.

    • Thank you so much,I am trying to do whatever I can from our side (i.e. NE) for the long overdued cause of Gorkhaland and our community.Its nice to know that People like you take the time to stop by and leave a comment to appreciate that effort.Thank you and try as much as you can to unite our Gorkha family to muster support for Gorkhaland. Jai! Gorkha

  6. kamal said

    dear editor, i have forwarded a report to you about a social event in delhi, plz do confirm that you have received the same through mail…

    Kamal Pradhan

    • Kamalji Thank you so much for the report I have published it on gorkhatimes with the pics. In future too we are expecting updates from you. Thank you once again for your report

  7. kamal said

    kamal said
    May 30, 2009 at 10:52 pm
    Great effort by pranay, gorkhas should unite and help in restoration of ravaged Queen of hills , I hope that one day gorkhas would also be strongly united as tibetans who fight back for their community, whatever be the outcome

    good ramesh, that you are highlighting the apathy of “negleted queen of hills”

    IT would be great if you give would me your number through mail so that we north eastern gorkhas could have a network as that of sikkim and darjeeling gorkhas , to raise our voices against any odd to our community.


  8. padam thapa said


    I Mr. Padam Thapa from, Guwahati, Assam, India, hereby inform you that my Son Shiva Thapa is a Junior International Boxing Champion representing India. Now he wish to get training abroad India, to improve his boxing skills.
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    2. His 2nd tournament was The IV International Sports Games “Children of
    Asia” held in YAKUTIA on 13th July’08. There he won Bronze Medal in 50 kg, Category, representing India.

    3. His 3rd tournament was AIBA World Junior Boxing Championship held in Yeravan, Armenia from 23rd May to 30th May.09. There he won Bronze Medal in 52 kg category, representing India.

    Apart of all the above games he is also the champion in the National and State Junior Boxing Championships here in India.

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  9. YKS said

    Dear Mr. Khati,

    Commendable efforts. I would however like to see Gorkha centric+North East centric news. Gorkhaland related news are ok, but pls put in more efforts to upload the news from NE relating to the Gorkhas.


    YK Shrestha

    • Thank you for your appreciation.We are trying our best to highlight Gorkha Centric news from northeast.To acheive this we have formed North East Gorkha Forum and North East Gorkha Journalist Forum so as to gather news from north east.We promise to bring more coverages in future.We need your support as well.

  10. kamal said

    Not only news of gorkhas but current sffairs of Northeast should also be there since knowing more about the region qwould help us in discuusing various issues with north east Counterparts.

    Have your say-

    Mr. Ramesh and Mr. YKS

  11. kamal said

    But that news should be only on Gorkhatimes but not a seperate blog for it, It would bring a charm to th blog

    Great ramesh daju for yeomans service,

    thanks also to “associates of Gorkhatimes” who are leaving no stone unturned in making the initiatave a success

  12. Bishal Kirat Rai said

    Dear Bhai,

    Congratulations. Commendable effort, keep up the good work.

    Bhai, I would suggest to avoid the news of Nepal as it has no relation with our daily life. Also, there are lots of new agencies to cover up their news.

    Why don’t we keep this blog as an Indian blog?

    Bishal Da

  13. Hellor,
    Ramesh Jee, Thanking for you all latest news if you want to send me your mail id than i will send oldest darjeling photos like GL NO. in Ventage Car. and so many good news im really very thankful to you.
    after the long time i got its type of side, which i putting the latest news.
    Me, Amit gurung frm Siliguri, here political situtation is very poor but no matter our boss is here. Shriman Bimal Gurung Jeeeww

    Thanking you


    Amit Gurung
    Frm : Siliguri, Champasari
    Ph. +919800863412

    hop you reply soon

    • Dear Amit Gurungji,
      Its so good to hear from you.We are honoured that you like Gorkha Times.Thank you so much for your appreciation.We are waiting for your contributions and Pictures to Gorkha Times. You and reach out to me at email:- gorkhatimes@gmail.com or you can call me at my cell number-09862963774
      Your Sincerely,
      Ramesh Khati(Gorkha Times)

  14. Prabhat said

    Dear Ramesh Khati
    Congratulation for your effort to bring Gorkha world closer with the news,views events and many more, your doing very nice work, keep up the good work.
    I am agreed with Bishal you should avoid the Nepal’s news & events to showcase undisputed Indian Gorkha Blog.


    • Dear Prabhat,
      Thank you so much for your suggestion and we have taken note of it.

      • Prabhat said

        Dear Mr Khati
        thanks for the reply , since you are based at North-east I expect more about the NE Gorkha and other community from your blog rather than Nepal’s and its political turmoil.
        I think you should focus on NE Gorkhas news views events highlight the day today life of NE Gorkhas and Celebs of that regions.
        again I would like to congratulate you to be the one and only Gorkha Bloger from NE.
        I wish you for your success.


  15. aardee said

    Good effort Ramesh…keep it up.

    I liked the articles on Durga Mall.

    What I like best about the articles on this blog is that there are fewer grammatical errors makes for good reading.


  16. YK Shrestha said

    It indeed is a good effort. Let us avoid news regarding Nepal. Make it an Indian Gorkhas blog.
    As rightly pointed out by Aardee, pls maintain the standard and take care of the spellings.

  17. Niral said

    Hi I have planned to visite gangtok – yungthang – point zero nathula border. We will arive at Jalpaigudi on the 24th 7:00 am
    and have to depart on the 29th 3:00Pm. Request you if you can help arrange for the above site-visites and suggest budget/cheap hotel accomodations.

    Thanks & regards,

  18. Ajit said

    Dear Mr Khati,

    I just saw your news about the mountaineer’s trapped in Sikkim. I am a very close relative of one of them. I would appreciate if you could send me by email any more details if you have them.



  19. kamal said


    Ramesh, I as being a part of Gorkhatimes news desk, would appreciate and advise you to regularly update the Blog.

    Keep up the good work

  20. Sorry! Due to broadband break down couldn’t update the blog. Gorkha Times will be back on track when the problem is fixed

  21. Walter Diaz said

    Dear Rameshji,
    I am in Oman for last few years though I am Goan my Mom is a Gorkhali an I am trying to find out Gorkhali friend in Oman, I know there are lot of them here, actually we are mistaken for Philipina’s.

    I am heading a Middle east Operation for Subaru Cars

    I have left home and come here. Your Gorkha Times is the only sources of updating ourselves about our home land – you are doing a great job keep it up. If any body you know who stays in Oman pl give me contact to them

    Walter Diaz
    Email- jwdsubaru@gmail.com
    00968 95500914

  22. Dear Walder Diaz,
    Its so good to hear from you.We feel privileged that we could be of some help to you. Our endeavor is to keep everyone bonded to their roots no matter how far they are.We pray, some Gorkha brother goes through your message calls you soon.
    Our good wishes are with you and keep in touch.
    God bless you
    Ramesh Khati

  23. Raju Rai said


    Bhai Pritam ( Ramesh) this is awesome man keep up the good work.

    Raju Da
    New Delhi.

  24. Milan said

    Hello Ramesh khati ji how are u ma tapai sanga introduce garna maan lagay ra messg send garay ko.

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