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Voice against Casteism

Posted by Ramesh Khati on April 15, 2009

Balakrishna Karki, Bangalore

Balakrishna Karki, Bangalore

Written By:- Balakrishna Karki

Edited and Reproduced By:- Ramesh Khati

I have noticed the presence of this caste feeling among Gorkhalis.
And of course in North East India. I often hear many incidents happening in my village and near by areas in Assam.
We call ourselves Gorkhalis, but we are having ill feelings amongst ourselves in the form of caste system addressing ourselves upper caste or lower caste and what not.
Rather than focusing our concerns to the development of the society, people are more interested or should we say engulfed in caste issues.
They send their kids to school, in the school they learn caste system is an anti social element. But as soon as they return home they find it other way round. The society is more concerned about the castes. Kid with the so called upper caste family are wrongly fed with wrong thoughts and made to believe that they are superior then the kids belonging to lower caste. And the lower caste kid is filled with hatred of being looked down upon by the upper castes. All together what we get is the forest of ill feelings.
These days, though people remain quiet and hardly express their feeling for caste. But as soon as they get a chance, its amazing watching the excitement and interest they show.
Things and time have changed. Specially those who are correctly educated (just having a degree does not make one literate or educated) , have to understand that this is wrong and later on going to affect our growth, unity and brotherhood. So many of us are moving out of that place or society where this discrimination still persists. Nothing’s wrong in that, one should go wherever he or she desires but changing neighbour hood will not solve the problem. But the question here is who is the sufferer ? And the answer would be those who are innocent, uneducated rather ignorant people of our village.
I feel, casteism is a major problem amongst us. For our growth and betterment, we should stand together and live better life with peace and love.
Friends, please put your views. We can’t pose a revolution .. true !!!! But we can at least spread the awareness in what ever way we can.
We being a part of society where we are born and brought up, we need to tell the truth, educate people, guide them instead of supporting them and stop ourselves from igniting ill feelings against each other.


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