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Nepalese told to leave Meghalaya

Posted by Ramesh Khati on August 8, 2009

Shared By:-Umesh Chetri

JOWAI: KSU and FKJGP have threatened to send back all “outsiders,” especially Nepalis, if they cannot produce valid documents to prove that they are genuine Indian citizens.

KSU and FKJGP on Thursday decided to jointly drive away all “outsiders” from Jaintia Hills district if they fail to produce valid documents related to Indian citizenship.

“Most of the Nepalis have come from Nepal to work as coal labourers in coal belt areas under Khliehriat Sub-Division and they have become a threat to local people of the district. We will allow only those Nepalis who are genuine Indians to work as labourers. The Nepalis who have come from Nepal should leave Jaintia Hills,” KSU organising secretary Streamly S Niangti and FKJGP’s Jaintia Hills unit president Tuesday Lytep said.

The KSU and FKJGP leaders pointed out that many Nepalis had entered Jaintia Hills taking advantage of the Indo-Nepal Treaty 1951.

“The treaty is a problem to the indigenous people of the State. We do not recognise the treaty and it should not be implemented in any autonomous area,” Mr Niangti said.

Source: The Shillong Times


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